Located in the San Francisco bay area in California, Integral Design was founded in 2005 with a mission to develop "tools for your mobile lifestyle."

At Integral Design, we're passionate about creating functional and fun products that help with your everyday life. We always start with understanding people and pinpoint pain points and needs. We prototype, listen to feedback, and strive to provide simple, yet elegant solutions to everyday problems.

Alison, Joy, Hoi, and Dean make up the Integral team. We're a multi-talented bunch of designers and engineers.

About the Founder

Integral Design's founder, Alison Wong, is a seasoned product designer and has worked at many product companies including Motorola, Apple, Ford, and IDEO. Alison has a BS in mechanical engineering from MIT and a masters in product design from Stanford. Integral Design Consulting works with large companies on their innovation strategies.

Follow Alison on Twitter @ahwong.