Is this picture 2"x2"? How wide is a sheet of A4? Never be without a ruler again with the Cardstick ruler decals. It fits any credit, debit, or other card and makes anything a measuring tool! It has both Metric and Imperial units and comes in a set of three colors: clear, white, and yellow.

patent pending

Metric and Imperial Units

The decals wrap around your card; one side has inches and the other has centimeters.

Comes in three colors

Comes in a set of white, yellow, and clear.

Easy to Apply

Patent pending process allows you to peel off and easily align to your credit card. Wrap around the edge, and use your cards like you normally do! (but try to avoid covering the magnetic strip)

Everything's a Ruler

Not only for cards, the Cardstick® also works on phones, notebooks, pens, etc.

The Cardstick XL

The CardstickXL is a durable vinyl ruler decal that folds over the side of your notebook, book, or any edge. As useful as the original Cardstick, CardstickXL is great for measuring longer items. It is 9" long and comes in a set of two colors: white and yellow.