No one likes eating sushi with disposable splintery chopsticks. These sleek utensils are made of stainless steel and plastic, and easily collapse and assemble to form a full length pair. They store into themselves and provide a sustainable solution that is easy to carry. Secure the pair together with a patent pending clip that also functions as a chopstick rest.

patent pending


Compact and Collapsible

Measuring just 4" when collapsed, the assembled full pair is 8" long.  Just press fit the two pieces together for fast assembly.

Patent pending clip

This flexible clip secures the pair in storage and acts as the rest when in use.  It's curved surface prevents unwanted rolls.

Easy to Clean

Made of stainless steel and food grade plastic, Compact Chopsticks are dishwasher safe and a breeze to clean. Ventilation holes in each of the tubes helps for easy rinsing and drying.

Available in 6 colors

Black, white, red, lime green, cloud blue, orange.